Off-Shore Support Services

We understand the challenge of running a small company. You would rather want to leverage your relationship in the market space than managing the sourcing end of the business.

It is counterproductive and detrimental to the business, especially when the company has not reached a critical threshold mass. Not being able to present the right candidate at the right time not only leads to erosion of Goodwill but also will cost thousands of dollars of current and future revenue

Not only thatwe also understand the inherent financial risk in keeping a fulltime sourcing staff either in-house or off-shore because the clock is ticking regardless if you have an assignment or not. Not only that, to monitor, support and keep them productive and engaged become a full-time task by itself. And all that translates into is high cost of doing business and more financial uncertainty.

It is to cater to such unique needs that we have a flexi-sourcing model in place-

At all times, these resources are supported and managed by a team lead recruiter in the US. So you are getting US quality at an off-shore rate.

  1. Full-time recruiter – a FT recruiter will work with your team exclusively on a low base + Commission model. This resource can be managed either by a US team lead or by your team member based on your need and infrastructure.
  2. You use our recruiters as and when needed and pay only for candidates who get interviewed/qualified by the candidate. Thus you know you are only paying for direct output and there is no ramping up cost for you.

Please call us to discuss this with one of our advisors.